Chapter 1 Edit

it was an average late morning in Columbus, recently I bought a copy of Astro Boy: Omega Factor for the GBA (Gameboy Advanced) from an old guy at Best Buy,

other than the fact I liked his beard, he didn't look any nice to me, plus he said the game was previously owned by some kid who died or something, nevertheless I left the store and some old japanese guy was there on the street, selling an Astro Boy plushie and a Cross, he spoke in bad engrish,

You Mus destroyu this Majin for meeeeeuuuu....

He then dies, just dies randomly... anyway, i took the game and plushie AND the cross home, weeks ago i just bought a gamecube with a GB player attached, i was pumped to play this game again when i got home to my apartment room, but just when i pressed play i, instead of the usual start sound, i was greeted with this elmo sounding voice clip...

Uh Oh, heh heh, who want's to die?...


What i saw for a brief period.

for a brief second, the title screen showed what looked like astro with blood coming out of his eyes and mouth, kinda like Sonic.EXE, which i thought was weird.

i was then treated to just an animation of Uran (Astro's little sister) crying with a very digital sounding of the Teletubbies theme in reverse playing in a loop, it seemed kind of funny at first, until it got old, so i turned the game off, thinking it was glitched or something, i then left to go eat at the bar with my friends...

Chapter 2 Edit

Coming Soon.... IN A HUNDRED YEARS!!!

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