• ThatCatIsCool

    Hello, Hello

    April 2, 2016 by ThatCatIsCool

    Don't you just love the Beatles? Anyway, it's been about 4 months or so since I have made an appearence on this wiki, I just wanted to check in on everybody, see what's new. I would look through the feed to see what's new, but I am lazy and no one would know I am here if I did that.

    So comment below all your feelings and stuffs I am genuinely curious to hear about everyone is doing:)

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    I completely forgot about this Wiki! I came here just to read some our old stories and did not expect to see so much recent activity. Glad to see this Wiki is still going, I'll come by more often now that I know.

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  • Kumandayas

    About The Last Few Days

    September 22, 2015 by Kumandayas

    Look, to everyone, we're incredibly sorry we haven't been highly active and dealing with what's been happening over the last few days.

    From what we can gather, this is due to Mika on the Trollpasta chat getting annoyed and then trying to flame our wiki by saying that the wiki is "butthurt". Most of the newer members are really just contributors from the TP wiki responding to Mika.

    And obviously it has to go without saying, that all of us are peeved at this shit.

    There's no other way I can put this bluntly. None of us are okay with this. None of us are going to gladly watch and join in. And none of us are going to be clapping our hands in sheer joy when we see that one of the admins on the TP wiki banned Mika for "baiting another wiki to raid …

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  • Kumandayas


    I'm currently planning on making a funnypasta called The Crier, intended to be a parody of Slenderman and The Rake. So I decided to start by making a picture for the pasta. After all, this could serve as illustration for the character of The Crier.

    So as I start up Paint.NET, I download a picture of a night forest. All I do to the picture is add some motion blur and make it black and white.

    Now for the appearance of the Crier himself. Of course, he is a monster, so I want something menacing. Something blurry. Something that you see for a millisecond, and then spend weeks trying to get rid of it in their mind.

    So I add a kitten.

    You may be thinking to yourself, "Oh, Kuman, why did you put a cat into the picture? Cats aren't menacing creat…

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Come Together

    April 10, 2015 by ThatCatIsCool

    No, this is not a beatles reference. 

    But a message you will hopefully understand 

    Everyone, gather around, I have a mission. Here is what we're going to do, I'm going to post a sentence later today, and it will be "Once upon a time..." - So not really a sentence, but you get the point. Then, I want each and everyone of you to reply (You can reply more than once, but not in a row) - It will be a story following the rules of the Wiki. When we are done, it will be the story to represent our Wiki.


    1. Follow the rules

    2. Don't fuck up.

    That is all, I wish all good luck.

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  • Kumandayas

    A Few Reminders

    January 19, 2015 by Kumandayas

    Hi all. I'd like to remind people of a few things.

    Sorry for the disappearance, my computer fucked up its hard drive and I need to install a new one, my iPad is suffering from "phantom touching" syndrome, where the digitiser acts up and starts touching the tablet without warning, and I was suffering from a gastro bug, and I'm too lazy, etcetera etcetera.

    The Funny Follies competition is still up. Newcomers will probably need to read the rules and Q.S. before signing up, may I remind you.

    Our main page is getting another makeover. We are experimenting with "boards" from both Creepy and Troll Pasta, and I'm currently interested in using wiki portals.

    Cat and I are considering making a YouTube channel for FP, where we release animated and audio v…

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Some news...

    January 5, 2015 by ThatCatIsCool

    Hello, everyone.

    Just letting you all know that I will be on the wiki chat everyday from 3:40 - 5:00, unless of course a conversation starts in between, and lasts longer than the final time. I'm not there to answer questions, if you have any. But I will be there just to chat.

    BUT, sometimes I won't be available. So check my user page (User:ThatCatIsCool) at the top of the page, it should say either (online) or (offline)

    Hope to see you most of you there. 


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  • Oryly


    January 5, 2015 by Oryly

    I may not be an admin, but all I've seen going on recently, is fighting! This isn't what the founder would've wanted! A wiki dedicated to anger and frustration? No! 

    I've decided countless times to NOT get in the middle of this, but what the hell. It's public, isn't it?

    First of all,

    CALM DOWN, ThatCatIsCool. While I agree with you, I don't understand why you have to scream your points to everyone. Please calm it down

    Second of all,

    Kabogh, please, please, PLEASE... stop being so harsh with your criticism! Cat was right about when you speak, you sound very angry about it. 


    Kumandayas. You are now a co-founder of the Wiki, and you seem to ignore the conflict between Kabogh and Cat. Sure, you are aware of it, but you don't actually listen t…

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    More has happened, but don't worry, only good things.

    - We removed one of our admins, for a number of reasons. 

    And it pretty much stops there, but I've been a little suspicious lately with some of our new contributors. I'm not going to say names, but a lot of these people have been talking the same words as our vandal had. 

    Example: "I don't know how to post" or "I want help make this Wiki better".

    I've gathered enough of these comments to believe one of these things:

    1. Please, no joking. The vandalization was sort of a 'Wiki tradegy' if you will. None of us want to be reminded of it.

    2. If you plan on vandalizing our Wiki, in hopes to impress the previous vandal, well then give up right here--because there is no way you will be able to edit o…

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Hello Everyone

    December 30, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    Very recently, we were vandalized by "Trollartists". I apologize to all who lost content, I certainly did.

    We are currently fixing it, but don't worry about this happening from him again, I banned for a year--and I will continue to ban him every year, as I don't want him coming back ever. 

    PS: Thanks, Trollartists, for everything. You are truly a waste of human resource. 


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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Please stop posting unfinished pastas. We've had two now.

    "T'was the night before business" and "The Ballad of Shitler" before it was deleted.

    I know it's christmas, but we're still going to follow the rules.

    If you want to work on and off with your genius literature, then do that some where else! 

    Google docs, Microsoft Word, even notepad--anywhere but here!

    If you've written either of those pastas, consider this your warning.

    PS: I don't need any further feedback on this blog post, unless of course you disagree with any of this. 


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  • ThatCatIsCool

    I noticed while reading the rules, that rule #9 said that (paraphrasing) "Future videos shall only be readings of funnypastas..." Does anyone actually agree with that? And has anyone FOLLOWED this rule? I think we should remove it, because it doesn't make sense we have to limit are videos to one category.

    Anyone agree?

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Updates & Stuff - 3

    December 18, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    First of all, whoever brought back talk page... I love you.


    Speaking of Christmas, I and (I'm sure) the other admins would love to seem some Xmas Past(ers) this year!

    BUT... There is one rule!

    1. don't suck

    No, but seriously, anything is fine, and since it's the holiday season... I'll tone it down with the pasta deleting, so have fun!

    I'm just gonna' sit here. So, how do you like the tiny santa hat on the logo? It's cool isn't it?


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  • ThatCatIsCool

    I have blocked the user: "TheNightmareDistributer" - For threats to spam, and other inappropiate actions that we don't approve here, on the Funnypasta Wiki. He is blocked for 1 year, the reason he wasn't banned for life, was because I'm giving him 1 year to think about what he has done. It's easy to tell that he really, really, wants to be apart of this wiki. So much, that he wanted adminship! 

    So, for that, I will give him 1 year of ban to let him think about what he did. There is absolutely no chance of him doing again in one year, but, there is a chance he could create a new account, or just use his IP, and do everything he would want, but no worries, well just ban him again.

    Other crap

    So I want to improve the Wiki's front page, BADLY--bu…

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Logo Idea 2

    November 11, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

     I remade two-new logos, in better quality--and better fonts.

    One with a smiley face, and one without. 

    Incase you'd like to know what the font is, it's "Badaboom BD"                          

    Remember to comment telling me what you think!

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Logo idea

    November 9, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    This is just an idea for a new logo-

    If you can see, in "FUNN" there is a smiley face that I put there, and below a somewhat funny slogan-thingy "Making you laugh since a year ago..." 

    Again, just an idea--what do you think of it? Any ideas to make it better? Comment below :)

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  • Kabogh

    A New Look for A New Start

    November 9, 2014 by Kabogh

    The days when we were but masterless sheeps are gone. From now on, we can march forward! The rules and quality standards previously established are now official and will be enforced. Now we have a new devoted administrator to enhence our wiki (as in the community's wiki). As I had the privilege of being chosen as a second admin by Kumandayas, I will try my best to help him make this wiki grow. But there is one thing that I wish we retain along with our evolution: This strong bound whithin the community which kept us strong even when we were stormed by bad content and spam alike. That is why I will always consult the community when taking important decisions and also hear what the community has to say when it has something to say.

    The new lo…

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  • ThatCatIsCool


    November 9, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    I'm guessing somebody adopted the wiki... lol

    Who is the owner?

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Idea for front page.

    October 30, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    Keep what we have but, below "Hope you're not readin' while you're eatin'" we should put some of our best pastas. This way, newcomers will get to see what we really post, instead of whatever they were guessing.

    Maybe we could work on a video or something. I don't know about anything else, post some ideas in the comments. (If you have one).

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  • ThatCatIsCool


    October 27, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    Could I add "Just kidding I hope you make mess" to the front page?

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  • ThatCatIsCool


    October 26, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    An anonymous user edited my pasta, who was it? I nearly had a heart attack reading that on the wiki activity. 

    Considering he just posted the worst pasta I've ever seen, this scared me thinking that he probably vandalized it.

    I'm replacing the rule "You need an account to make a pasta..." with "You need an account to contribute ANYTHING to the wiki".

    For the same reason previous because the thought of having to rewrite anything right now sounds awful.

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    Updates & stuff

    October 24, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    Reminder - We really need to consider moving wiki's, all we need to do is leave a page to link anyone to our new wiki. It's important to have an active founder so we can keep things in order. And no offense, FTR2006, but you guys are not keeping things in order or anything like that, all you are doing is adding pastas to a "deletion" category that doesn't actually delete it.

    • NEW RULE* - If you want to make a pasta, please use an account, don't post anything without an account (except for comments). It's just so we know who's who.

    Any comments on the first thing? 

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  • ThatCatIsCool


    October 22, 2014 by ThatCatIsCool

    Do we have an admin? 

    The only authority who isn't dead is Kabogh, but he isn't always here. I don't think he is even an admin. I visit this wiki like everyday, well... Now I visit everyday.

    What I'm getting at, is people confuse this wiki with Troll Pasta so all they do is post spam pastas. We need more people in control of this wiki as more people are finding it. I'm ranked #2 on this wiki and would be happy to help. If you don't want me as admin because history that's fine, but I've changed now that I realize what this wiki is really about. 

    Just something to think about.

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  • TheNightmareDistributer

    Blog Post

    October 22, 2014 by TheNightmareDistributer

    So... plz check out my new funnypasta

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  • ThatCatIsCool

    I noticed in "wiki activity" there is a pasta called "pervert.." - I forget.

    What is the deal with it? Was it "Interesting".

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  • Kumandayas

    Riffypasta - Round 2

    September 5, 2014 by Kumandayas


    This is the pilot of Riffypasta, where creepypasta is put to shame. Everyone's heard of sonic.exe, which is apparently a very well-known pasta, but is said to be crap by some people.

    And here is the official sequel. Round 2. Which sucks, to say the least.

    But, without further ado, here is a really bad pasta.

    It's been more than a year now ever since the "Sonic.exe Murders" began to happen, and the police department STILL doesn't know who's doing it or why it's happening. The first murders looked as though the killer did a sloppy job at it, but overtime the killings--or at least some of the guys back at the station THINKS it's just killings--have gotten more elaborate; bodies have been starting to look like the victims just dropped dead …

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  • Kumandayas

    This is from a bystander's standpoint, but recently, ThatCatIsCool has been attacking Kabogh for calling his pastas "beyond shitty", and deleting them. Cat's statement is that it's supposed to be stupid, and that his friends laughed at it.

    Unfortunately, not everyone laughs at "random and stupid" humour, and they don't smile when someone references rape or male genatalia for black comedy. The Internet tends to have vocal opinions on it and it can get some people hating it.

    Second, your friends will probably be different from an online stranger. Again, the Internet differs a bit. There will be people who will like the pastas and people who won't. Here, Kabogh didn't like it.

    And that's my standpoint.

    Continue, create, co-operate 06:07, August 9…

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  • Kumandayas

    I used to be scared by Creepypastas. In fact, I couldn't sleep, for the paranoia that a character in one of those could kill me while I sleep. But then I looked back. How was I scared of these characters? They're bland, boring, and uncreative. I also read the same bullshit every single time. Oh no, there's a serial killer/monster/ghost/Eldritch abomination/puppy chasing this guy that we don't really give a shit about because his character is about as established as what happened up 'til a victim's death in one of these stories. Perhaps you can come with me and mock them too.

    This is how they'll be established:

    Name of cliche: Obviously, the name of the cliche I have come up with or others have come up with.
    Description of cliche: What the cli…

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