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Remember those old Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1920s? Disney's not bothering to remake them. They're far too lazy.

Anyway, I've heard of an old cartoon, which is very...strange. Don't know the name. People said that in the cartoon, Mickey was trying to step on pigeons in the street. Sounds like something Disney would do for a laugh.

I emailed Disney about it.

They said:

"um hllo yea rrr wee dnt knooow why we made dis

it was for laughs lol

anyway bout dat crtoon

when it cut out that wasnt it lol

miky b-came hy-per-active after the cut out

he strtd to... i frgt sry

anyway bye

also dnt look up squashmouse.avi or ull get it"

I'm sure to find a copy somewhere, I know it.

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