The retarded writer

the retarded writer who should die (haha plot twist its me)

Once upon a time, there was a very retarded creature named ShadowDIOBrando

he was so retarded he couldn't figure out how to stop getting viruses on his PC

"mom my pc says its gay, help me how do i fix it" "shut up you retarded kid fix it yourself, you cunt" "mom why are u so mean1!1 :'(" Then he proceeded to cry in his pillow because of his retardation, then he went on the internet, people started calling him out for being retarded and he replied "no ogm ur retarded, i am veri smart11!!!1 i kno what 2 + 2 is, its 22!1!1!1" "is this guy really retarded or is he just a troll?" "Yeah, his parents probably dropped him on his head when he was a baby" then the retarded boi smashes his pc into bits because people on the internet hurt his little feelings, and then he turns gay and tells his mother

"Mom, I'm gay."

"I don't have a son anymore"


Then he proceeds to cry to sleep because he's so retarded that people on the internet hurt his feelings.

his father comes into the room

"Shadow, you're not my son anymore, I'm gonna send you straight to your death cause nobody loves you" "But why dad?" "I'm not your father, You are no son of mine, please do me and my wife a favor and die" "i am not retarded1!!11!! stop11!!!" Then, the boy proceeds to contemplate his existence and what little contribution he adds to the world, then he realizes how retarded he is, and he stops being a little shit, and grows up and says

"God, Why does a retard like I exist?"