Hi all. I'd like to remind people of a few things.

Sorry for the disappearance, my computer fucked up its hard drive and I need to install a new one, my iPad is suffering from "phantom touching" syndrome, where the digitiser acts up and starts touching the tablet without warning, and I was suffering from a gastro bug, and I'm too lazy, etcetera etcetera.

The Funny Follies competition is still up. Newcomers will probably need to read the rules and Q.S. before signing up, may I remind you.

Our main page is getting another makeover. We are experimenting with "boards" from both Creepy and Troll Pasta, and I'm currently interested in using wiki portals.

Cat and I are considering making a YouTube channel for FP, where we release animated and audio versions of FunnyPasta. If you want to suggest your pasta for the channel, go ahead.

Finally, I'm starting a side project wiki, called "The Notorious Video Game Collection" wiki. I am welcoming people to be able to join and "document the bad". Find it at Warning, this site is bare bones and is under construction. Our other admins have side projects too. Cat has the 405 wiki, so you're able to join that too.

Sorry for the inactivity, everyone. But we're still here. Continue pasting and making the wiki better.

~ Kumandayas

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