Look, to everyone, we're incredibly sorry we haven't been highly active and dealing with what's been happening over the last few days.

From what we can gather, this is due to Mika on the Trollpasta chat getting annoyed and then trying to flame our wiki by saying that the wiki is "butthurt". Most of the newer members are really just contributors from the TP wiki responding to Mika.

And obviously it has to go without saying, that all of us are peeved at this shit.

There's no other way I can put this bluntly. None of us are okay with this. None of us are going to gladly watch and join in. And none of us are going to be clapping our hands in sheer joy when we see that one of the admins on the TP wiki banned Mika for "baiting another wiki to raid ours".

All this does is make our semi-jobs as admins harder. We have to check our mail to see what's going on, spend some time closing threads, explaining to users and/or admins about the situation, instead of going on with what we actually want to do for the day. None of us want to have to go and spend time banning people or writing blog posts like this, but we have to if we want to keep the Wiki from being anarchy.

If anybody on this wiki finds a raid, or otherwise a fight, happening on the Wiki, tell an admin. Don't try to refute the creator of the raid/fight, otherwise we get into more hot water, and find more people getting put off from joining our wiki, because they find that we promote these raids and fights.

Yes, we will ban Mika, and no, we won't let this to happen again. We want the influx of people coming to the site to be because they want to write for it, not because they want to respond to somebody's troll post.

- Kumandayas 

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