This is from a bystander's standpoint, but recently, ThatCatIsCool has been attacking Kabogh for calling his pastas "beyond shitty", and deleting them. Cat's statement is that it's supposed to be stupid, and that his friends laughed at it.

Unfortunately, not everyone laughs at "random and stupid" humour, and they don't smile when someone references rape or male genatalia for black comedy. The Internet tends to have vocal opinions on it and it can get some people hating it.

Second, your friends will probably be different from an online stranger. Again, the Internet differs a bit. There will be people who will like the pastas and people who won't. Here, Kabogh didn't like it.

And that's my standpoint.

Continue, create, co-operate 06:07, August 9, 2014 (UTC)

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