More has happened, but don't worry, only good things.

- We removed one of our admins, for a number of reasons. 

And it pretty much stops there, but I've been a little suspicious lately with some of our new contributors. I'm not going to say names, but a lot of these people have been talking the same words as our vandal had. 

Example: "I don't know how to post" or "I want help make this Wiki better".

I've gathered enough of these comments to believe one of these things:

1. Please, no joking. The vandalization was sort of a 'Wiki tradegy' if you will. None of us want to be reminded of it.

2. If you plan on vandalizing our Wiki, in hopes to impress the previous vandal, well then give up right here--because there is no way you will be able to edit our new locked pages.

3. No you don't.

OR maybe I'm just being paranoid, but you never know. I could be saving this Wiki in the long run.

Now if you seriously don't know how to post, all you do is click the "contribute" tab, then click "add a page" and get typing. Remember to read the Rules and Quality Standards before posting a page though, or it will be deleted before you can type the last sentence, which would probably be along the lines of "an den he woke up, and it was ALL A DREEM. plot twits! teh end"

Other things...

Since we removed an admin, it might mean we have a open space for a much a better admin. But I'm not sure if that's the case just yet, so be patient--I'll notify all of you once I know.

Also, HAPPY 2015, or as I like call it, HAPPY ANNUAL TRANSITION.

Well, I think that's it.


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