I have blocked the user: "TheNightmareDistributer" - For threats to spam, and other inappropiate actions that we don't approve here, on the Funnypasta Wiki. He is blocked for 1 year, the reason he wasn't banned for life, was because I'm giving him 1 year to think about what he has done. It's easy to tell that he really, really, wants to be apart of this wiki. So much, that he wanted adminship! 

So, for that, I will give him 1 year of ban to let him think about what he did. There is absolutely no chance of him doing again in one year, but, there is a chance he could create a new account, or just use his IP, and do everything he would want, but no worries, well just ban him again.

Other crap

So I want to improve the Wiki's front page, BADLY--but I don't how! If you've ever seen Trollpasta Wiki or Creepypasta Wiki, or pretty much every wiki ever--they have these boards. I don't how to describe it, but they have everything on them. Something like that would be nice to have on our front page, just so we look a little more proffesional. 


In the red circle, shows the "board" I was talking about.


In the red circle, shows the "board" I was talking about.

On the left there, shows the boards I was talking about. How do we create them?

Also, I need help with achievement photos. If you haven't noticed, Kumandayas and I have been changing the names, and photos for the acheivements, and we need more help. It doesn't matter if your not an admin, all you need to do, is choose a achievement that hasn't been edited, create a photo to match, (ex size: 800x800), then make blog post with that picture, stating which achievement it shall go to. Me, or an other admin will save it and use it for that achievement.

NOTE: That not all photos will be accepted, so it's kind of like a little contest! 

Good luck! 


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